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At KHD Fluorite, we believe in responsible and sustainable development that not only benefits our company, but also the communities and environment in which we operate. Our approach to sustainability includes the following key elements:

Environmental protection: We strive to minimize our environmental impact and operate in an environmentally responsible manner. This includes implementing measures to reduce waste and emissions, and preserving natural resources.

Community engagement: We actively engage with the local communities in which we operate, and work to understand and address their needs and concerns. We also support local community development initiatives and programs.

Economic development: We aim to contribute to economic development by creating jobs and providing training and education opportunities. We also strive to source goods and services locally, in order to support the local economy.

Health and safety: We prioritize the health and safety of our employees and contractors, and strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment.

Responsible sourcing: We are committed to sourcing the raw materials we need in a responsible and sustainable manner, and we have implemented a robust due diligence process to ensure that our suppliers adhere to responsible sourcing guidelines.

Transparency: We believe in being transparent about our operations and practices and we actively communicate with stakeholders to ensure they are informed about our activities.

Continuous improvement: We continuously strive to improve our performance and we regularly review our operations, policies and practices to identify opportunities for improvement.

In terms of socio-economic contributions, The construction of Fluorochemical Beneficiation Plant will not only create jobs and stimulate local economic development but also it will help to meet the global demands for Fluorochemical, particularly from China. the plant will be designed to minimize the impact on the environment and comply with the highest industry standards. Additionally, we will be working closely with the local communities to ensure that their needs and concerns are taken into account and addressed throughout the project.