The Maly deposit holds two mining licenses located in Batnorov district of Khentii Province, covers 91.39 hectares, and holds 2,571,000 tons of fluorspar ores with 33% CaF2. Maly deposit holds considerable quantity of high-grade fluorspar ore, making it an essential asset for KHD Fluorite.

  • Maly deposit: fluorspar mining in Kherlen ophiolitic complex
  • Two mining licenses covering 91.39 hectares of land
  • 2,571,000 tons of fluorspar ores with 33% CaF2
  • High-grade fluorspar ore, essential asset for KDF
  • NI 43101 Technical Report conducted in 2016
  • KDF owns 100% of the mineral rights to the property
  • Approved and commissioned by all related government agencies (Received all necessary permits and approvals from government agencies for extraction and operation)