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KHD Fluorite deposits are substantial assets that offer strong potential for revenue and profit. KHD Fluorite holds a large reserve of high-grade fluorspar ore and is well positioned to benefit from growing demand in the fluorspar market. With the advanced technology, low expense costs and integrated logistics system the company believe it could achieve finest product for fair amount of price which could be delivered anywhere in the world.

In terms of site infrastructure, our deposits have good access to both power and water supply. The deposit A is located just 500 meters from a 110-kilowatt electrical power grid that runs from Berkh settlement to Tumentsog soum. Additionally, during the Soviet era, a geological expedition team drilled 7 water holes in the area, providing ample water resources. Our approach is to utilize and reuse water resources as efficiently as possible.

The deposit B is also well-positioned in terms of power and water supply. It is located just 2 kilometers from a 6kW overhead powerline and several water holes were drilled in the area during the Soviet era exploration activities.

In terms of road and railway access, deposits A is conveniently located just 30 km away from an asphault road that connects to the main highway. Additionally, they are 270 km away from Bagnuur railway station and 270 km away from Bor-Undur railway station. The deposit B is also well-connected, being just 2km away from paved road, 70km away from highway, 9km away from Mardai Railway, 250km away from Choibalsan. Overall, the deposits have good access to transportation routes, making it easy to transport materials and equipment to and from the site.