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Extensive experience in the mining industry: With over two decades of experience in the mining industry, KHD Fluorite has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the exploration, development, and mining of mineral resources.

Strong technical capabilities: KHD Fluorite has a team of experienced mining professionals with a deep understanding of the technical aspects of mineral extraction and processing, which allows the company to operate efficiently and effectively.

Responsible mining practices: KHD Fluorite has a strong commitment to responsible mining, implementing sustainable mining practices and investing in programs that promote the well-being of local communities and to minimize the environmental impact.

Diversified mining portfolio: KD has a diversified portfolio of mining operations, including coal and fluorspar mines. This allows the company to spread risk and capitalize on different market conditions.

Access to key infrastructure: All of the deposits of the project has easy access to key infrastructure such as electricity, highway, railway, heating which allows the company to operate and transport its mineral resources.

Innovation and cost control: Continuously seeking new ways to improve its mining operations, reduce costs and increase efficiency while maintaining high quality of its final products.